Community Groups

Unleashed Community Groups

We've brought back Community Groups this year! Community groups are key to unleashed because we want to give students an opportunity to hear from each other. Most of students days are spent listening to adults tell them what they need to know and who they need to be. It is our hope that through community groups we will foster an environment to challenge one another, to collaborate with one another, and to contribute to one another's future purpose of who God created them to be. We celebrate diversity and unity at Unleashed and we believe that community groups will give students a broader view of what the kingdom of God looks like.

So how do I know what community group I’m in? Great question, you will be assigned a community group at check-in. Then on Saturday morning, we will help you know where your group is meeting - the color of your group will match the color of your name badge. 

We are also providing a "community group to-go" as well this year so you can do this as a group/church with your students, either on the way home or later that week.

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